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Mapping Houston History


“While on the topic of opinions, incidentally, This Week In Texas would like to tell you what we think of you. We think you’re great! The spirit and togetherness our little magazine strives to convey seems to be really catching on. Really. A lot of you swell people carry us around in your pocket when travelling. (It’s been a “tip-off” to more than just a few “former” strangers on the streets.) Lots of names and addresses are being exchanged on pieces of paper torn from one of our pages. But since our goal is to help people meet people, I guess it’s all in the line of duty. Write on, brothers! (and sisters).” –Excerpt from a Sampling Texas column, 1975, Vol. 1, No.17, pg.14

TWIT was an essential element in the development of gay community and culture throughout Texas in the 1970s. Click on the markers within the map to explore the locations of businesses within the Houston area.